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Diponegoro University in collaboration with Cisco Systems Indonesia

Semarang, Diponegoro University in collaboration with Cisco Systems Indonesia will host the Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders Partners Summit in 2013 and 2013. Undip as well host the Conference and Event Competition Indonesia Netrider 2013. REGISTER (Instructor)

Activities will be implemented and 20.21 Date June 22, 2013 located in Building Prof. H. Soedarto, SH Campus Tembalang Semarang. This activity is the meeting place of existing Cisco Academy in Education – Higher Education in Indonesia. The event is an annual event which is organized as a venue for a meeting of all the Cisco Academy in Indonesia to meet and deliberation, update the curriculum, teaching materials in the field of Computer Networking.

The event will be held in Building Prof. H. Soedarto, this Tembalang campus to commemorate Lustrum I Undip Computer Systems Program is also the same with the 55th Lustrum Faculty of Engineering also coincided

Inauguration Networking Academy School of Science and Mathematics Undip equip Two Networking Academy that has been standing in Undip namely: Networking Academy Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering Networking Academy

Expected 150 Cisco Academy in Indonesia will meet, discuss and exchange thoughts For improving the quality of teaching materials and teaching methods in the field of Computer Networking.

This activity is planned to be attended by Prof. Illah Sailah Director of Student Affairs Higher Education (awaiting confirmation) and will be initiated as the activities of Higher Education Computer Network Annual Competition as well as a similar competition Robot (KRI / KRCI) and Roboboat Higher Education.

Networking Academy Program (Cisco) has worked previously with MoEC Indonesia Higher Education  through the program which is expected to accelerate the penetration of the application of information technology in learning.

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