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A Message from Chief of Department

The World science and technology are increasingly more sophisticated opportunities for students to choose the level of education according to interests and talents they possess. Similarly, the career path that will be pursued, it is this which encourages Diponegoro University to open a new program of study at the Faculty of Computer Systems Engineering.

Diponegoro University Faculty of Engineering opened a new Program of Study Computer Systems Engineering Undip by permit the Director General of Higher Education approval no. 2782/D/T/2008 on August 22, 2008.

Computer System Engineering Departement has significant differences with the graduates of the existing techniques of Informatics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences penetahuan. Computer System Engineering produce graduates who are experts in the field of networking and mobile computing supported by teachers who are competent Undip themselves in their fields, but also that students will also be equipped with certified Network that will be very useful in a career path that will be pursued.

Graduates that will be produced by this computer system will be able to compete with other graduates from the another university that has the same course because as we all know that is one of Undip State University who signed the world’s best universities conducted by Time magazine.

Studies Program’s in Computer System Department also provides an opportunity for prospective students who have antusisme and talent in this field who do not have the ability in terms of cost to get scholarships in the form of cost relief. With so will many new opportunities for students to develop particular skills in the field of computer technology.