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Public Services

Every year a community service activities are conducted at least two times by providing counseling in the field of electrical and information technology to the public. This effort is working to spread knowledge, provide practical applications, empowering the community and introduce Engineering Program Computer System to the public.

Computer Engineering Study Program held a Community Service activity for the first time as the implementation of tasks Tridharma vocational college in SMK 5 Semarang.

These activities include the provision of material about the Computer Network, Wireless and security aspects. As speaker faculty of the Computer Studies Program Adian Fatchur R, ST, MT with assistant Setyo Purnomo, SKom (Undip network expert).

Providing materials and tutorials as well as training teachers, followed by SMK N 5 together with students SMK5 Semarang. Incidentally one of the teachers in SMKN5 are alumni of Electrical Engineering and is a student Undip guidance Adian FR, MT

This activity is followed by the Computer Studies Program, faculty and staff including Bp. Rinta Kridalukmana, SKom, MT, Andi, ST, Melati, AMD and Sidiq